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Pakistan and India

Line of Control, Out of Control? ©️

With the beginning of 2018 as both India and Pakistan move closer to their parliamentary elections  Jingoism seem to be on a new high in the mainland South Asia.Shouting news casters, screaming analysts and out of control spicing up of... Continue Reading →

Jinnah, A Name Everyone is Familiar With. ©

"This editorial/bio is written and dedicated to the memory of a great person, lawyer, politician and most notably the Founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was born on this day and which is celebrated in Pakistan as "Birth... Continue Reading →

Pakistan a Secular or an Islamic State? ©

Warning: no part of this article be copied or reproduced, plagiarism is a crime. All rights reserved: Quaid-e-Azam was very worried about the fate of Muslims under the Indian role after British, he was confirmed that Hindus & Muslims cannot... Continue Reading →

India! Control your “Lust for War”! ©

 Warning: No part of this article will be copied or reproduced. Copy Right. Ever since the Uri Base Attacks, both India and its many citizens are spewing venom of hate against Pakistan. Whether their journalists, parliamentarians or citizens, all... Continue Reading →

Road to KashmirMania. ©

Warning: No part of this article will be copied or reproduced. Copy Right. It is not about today that Kashmiris are suffering. It is since 1947 that Kashmiris are suffering the Indian brutality. No matter whether Kashmir chooses Pakistan or... Continue Reading →

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