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Ever since the Uri Base Attacks, both India and its many citizens are spewing venom of hate against Pakistan. Whether their journalists, parliamentarians or citizens, all are propagating war against Pakistan and are creating fake propaganda. Pakistan as a country has given its many years fighting against terrorists and their militant groups who are destabilising the country. Not surprisingly RAW is funding the militants and its agents are active in Karachi, KPK and Balochistan.   

India is showing its “lust for war” by repeatedly playing Balochistan card and blackmailing Pakistan to violate the Indus Water Treaty. Their Hindu fundamentalist and Indian nationalist parties are in fact threatening their own film artists for supporting Pakistani artists like Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar and Mahira Khan. There is now a faction among the artists i.e Ban Pakistani artists and Don’t Ban Pakistani artists. 

Their own artists like Salman Khan, Om Puri director Mahesh Bhatt, singer Shaan, Sunil Shetty, and many others are facing harsh criticism from fellow artists, citizens and journalists for their support for counterparts.

The question arises that why India and New Delhi office gives working visas to our artists. Why they even let them enter? Why India didn’t stopped them at first place? Since many years Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar and Rahat Fateh Ali are working in Bollywood movies but no one bet an eye. Personally I am against Pakistani artists working in India but their career and living comes first then my opinion because we don’t pay for their living, they don’t have any other option. Recently Deccan Chronicle reported that Mahira is set to be replaced in ‘Raees’, featuring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead. Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) has also banned them from working in India. 

Since 93 days curfew in IoK, around 100+ including children have become the victim of Indian pellet bullets. Even the graveyard has no space left. People are lacking basic staple food items because of harsh treatment and environment in Srinagar, Jammu. According to my opinion, India is loosely trying to divert attention of both local and international media from the Kashmir crisis by covering “artists issues”. US, UN and its General Secretary Ban Ki Moon are showing no sincere commitment towards Kashmir peace. They cannot control Syrian crisis so how can they control and solve Kashmir issue. 

India is continuously trying to sabotage CPEC and Gwadar Port construction by infiltrating their agents. Pakistan is ready for befitting reply but Pakistan wants peace. In fact after so much escalation, still Pakistan is open to peaceful dialogue. According to Times of Islamabad, Pakistani High Commissioner in New Delhi, Abdul Basit said,

“Terrorism is also an issue between us, but if we can resolve the Kashmir issue, things between our countries will immediately change.” 

Indian journalists Manak Gupta, Rahul Kanwal, Sumit Awasthi and Arnab Goswami are repeatedly creating war panic by conducting war mongering interviews with Indian Nationalist which is again a negative sign. It is instigating RSS, Shiv Sena and other Hindu fundamentalists to promote hatred and threat for local anti-war influential people, Pakistan and most importantly Kashmir. 

On October 10, APHC chairman Syed Ali Gilani has expressed resentment over rallies by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in Jammu. It was also reported on the same day from Express News that AJK‘s Ex. Prime Minister Sardar Attique said that they would try to cross the ceasefire line on November 24 from 3 locations including Poonch district, Mirpur and Muzaffarabad to draw world’s attention towards Indian Occupied Kashmir. 

As I said before, Pakistan believes in peace. Pakistan itself is a war victim. It was Pakistan who suffered the negative externalities of 9/11 with other countries. Pakistan has always maintained “First Dialogue” policy, whether be it with Taliban or India. 

Fellow neighbour country China according to Times of India, accused India for seeking political gains in the name of counter-terrorism. It is the second time that China blocked India’s attempt to ban Jaish-e-Muhammad’s Masood Azhar. Also India’s former ally Russia has declined to support India over its fake surgical strikes and even disowned its ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin who supported India’s position. This shows that Indian ambitions of isolating Pakistan have led to harming own reputation. 

It is so shameful that being a PM of secular country, Narendra Modi failed to proof their so called Surgical Strike to his opposition. He even ordered his party workers to not give answers to the parliamentary opposition. Being a country of over 1.2 billion people, Muslims and other minorities such as Sikhs, Dalits and low caste Hindus are facing regular persecution and hatred. Their country is facing resentment from Khalistan movement, Tamil Nadu, United Liberation of Asom, Nagalim, Tripuri nationalists, NaxaliteMaoists and if we accept for few minutes that Kashmir is of India so we can say that Kashmir separatist movement is reaching its height and now locals are regularly coming on streets. For how many days, Kashmir would have to sacrifice their Burhan Wani and Afzal Guru? 

India must also stop intervening in Balochistan because it’s not their legal territory. Indian spy agency RAW is funding Brahumdagh Bugti’s Baloch Republican Party which is designated as a terrorist group.

I would say that Pakisan army must crackdown against any terrorist elements without sparing any single terrorist group. There many sleeper cells that are taking funds from RAW and which are then used in sectarianism. India must control its lust for war   and should be brave enough to come to dialogue seat. Human Rights watchdogs should raise the concerns and the civil society should play a vital role. It is not viable for both countries to engage in war tactics.  

Art is a profession that has nothing to do with politics and religion and Indian film actors should condemn the banning of Pakistani actors. It’s not bad to support your country but bad if you talk about banning those who with you share a similar profession. 

Kashmir is suffering fom blood bath and on regular basis, Kashmiris are leading the coffins of their loved ones to the graveyard. India should not forget that they can’t oppress the Kashmiris for long time and UN if exists should better take action rather than having only concerns. India should stop any war initiative or provocative firing at the LOC.  

About the columnist:

Muhammad Khalid is a Business/Economics student from Karachi, Pakistan and is a current amateur political analyst and observer covering domestic and international news.
Muhammad Khalid can be reached on twitter at:  @iamkhalidraza