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Since few months, I was really upset over the slow development of Pakistan. Obviously Pakistan is my country, my homeland and I should have a serious concern regarding her future. 

More our local companies should come, the multinational and international companies have hijacked our economy, though they are contributing a lot in our GDP. But our Government should gove more priority to local companies to com forward and set up their businesses. 

But still why our economy is not that much growing. Why we have to increase tax instead of companies and promote industrialization. Our markets are very small as compared to our neighbors especially India. If our for say our electronic market has 40 companies, India has 200+ companies or more than that. Why are GDP depends on indirect or corporate taxes? Why the inflation rate is high? 

I won’t go into depth of all the above given problems to give the solution but will highlight one of our markets’ negativity and that is our “Telecommunication Market”.

Our main telecommunication companies are Warid Telecom, Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor PK and Zong

First they introduced normal calling system, and now they are exploiting our youth on which our economy is depending on by introducing day/night packages, 10,000 sms and 3G/4G bundles. Govt. must take a serious action against them. Should our youth be a prey of these nuisances or should study and get education. Saying that Pakistan will develop is easy but our actions should be louder than words. These packages seems good in developed countries such as US or UK. But being highly developed these two countries don’t even accept these disturbing packages. And then telecommunication companies try to make developing countries their prey because we already are indulge in several unimportant activities. We should identify what is causing problem in stopping our country to get developed. 

I didn’t say that the companies should not introduce economic-friendly packages because a person in Pakistan can’t afford the telephone bill of 4000-5000 rupees. But introducing day/night packages that disturbs one’s whole routine is not acceptable. How can we imagine that a boy who do text messages 24/7 will wake up early for college or university? Our economy depends mostly on our youth because of socioeconomic problems. Family problems force our youth to take extra burden of work. Why are companies don’t have business ethics or corporate social responsibilities? Why they become so much hungry for money that they forget their CSRs? 

We should all consider this problem or else it will cause an obstacle in the growth of our economy by exploiting our youth. We are developing right now and this seems good in only developed countries. Our government should take action to moderate the packages and communication system and set up strict laws both for international and local companies that they should maintain their business ethics and CSRs. 

How will Pakistan get developed if we will not stop the overuse of things. Think about it! 

About the columnist:

Muhammad Khalid is a Business/Economics student from Karachi, Pakistan and is a current amateur political analyst and observer covering domestic and international news.
Muhammad Khalid can be reached on twitter at:  @iamkhalidraza