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It is not about today that Kashmiris are suffering. It is since 1947 that Kashmiris are suffering the Indian brutality. No matter whether Kashmir chooses Pakistan or Seperate State option, it is the duty of Pakistan to raise voice against Kashmiris. Pakistan fought for its independence and now it’s the time to fight for independence of IoK. Why we are letting the situation go worse? Why we have let 100+ Kashmiris die in 2016 and thousands of Kashmiris so far? Why our foreign policy is so weak that we can’t stand face to face against India? Why we have to alter our FP according to the given situation. We should remember that Pakistan cannot and should not maintain bilateral ties until and unless India doesn’t give right to have a referendum. Pakistan must be active with All Party Hurriyet Conference and should raise their voice at different forums. 

Kashmir is under curfew since months and there is shortage of staple food items in houses but UN and HR watchdogs are not paying any proper attention. UN always had a non-serious attitude towards Kashmiris. No matter India is a big economic market but that does not mean that it is exempted from Human Rights. Pakistan has always maintained their voice for Kashmir at UN but the so called “forum” didn’t bet an eye. They should keep in mind that their condemnation does not matter and what matters is the action. UN has always been on the first place to take action when their affiliated NGOs got hurt in fact they lashed out at US when they “accidentally” bombed a hospital linked with MSF (Doctors without Borders) in Afghanistan and most recently in Alleppo Syria. 

Since years Hurriyet Leaders are placed at house arrest and are not let to raise their voice and hold public demonstrations. Instead they are served with pellet guns and Kashmiris are being tortured with steel bullets which are causing face injuries including partial or complete blindness. Civil societies of both countries are playing an active role in paving a way for Kashmiris and are to their very extent raising voice through social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter and are active in making documentaries to show the atrocities and war crimes government of India is perpetrating.

Since day one India has blamed Pakistan for harbouring terrorists and for maintaining sleeper cells of Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, LeJ and TTP. Whether Mumbai bombings, Parliament attacks, Samjhota Express, Mumbai attacks, Pathan Kot, or Uri Base, without any proofs or justifications, India has blamed Pakistan for these attacks but they forgot that they are the ones who are perpetrating attacks in Pakistan by providing funds to non-state actors. Pakistan never blamed India without proofs but their own agents were caught red handed. Ravindra Kaushik, Sarabjit Singh and Kulbhushan Singh Yadav are all  examples of RAW agents that were caught planning terrorist activities on Pakistani soil. 

On September 18, around 4 fidayeen belonging to Kashmiri militant group Jaish-e-Muhammad attacked an Indian Army base in town of Uri, Baramullah district, IoK, killing 22 Army officers before being shot dead in cross firing. Without taking breath, India media cried and went crazy and blamed Pakistan for the attacks. Everyone knows what is happening in Kashmir and the attack was a reaction to what Indian forces are doing. Why on Earth, Pakistani force would enter in an area that is under curfew? India has always maintained a habit of spilling over the blame on Pakistan army by planning false-flag attacks. 

Indian media forgot that India must answer Pakistan over PNS Mehran base attacks, PAF Kamra (Minhas) airbase, Karachi airport attacks, Camp Badaber, Samungli and Khalid Airbase attacks. India first give Pakistan proper answers as to what their agents were doing on Pakistani soil. India must give proof of ISI agents in India. Since last year, around 100+ civilians including soldiers have died due to Indian violation of Line of Control and heavy rockets and mortars were fired on our land which contained sharpes edged splinters. Pakistan raised the voice at UN, and also protested to US regarding it but was “bestowed” a “green flag”. 

India is lobbying since many years to isolate Pakistan but Pakistan’s so called friend United States never ever gave any concern. In fact United States is our very friend who inducted India into NSG (Nuclear Supply Group) making India an official nuclear certified country while left Pakistan. In fact the president of our  so called friendly country never paid an official visit to Pakistan in 8 years (Yes I am talking about President Barack Obama). 

On August 15, PM Modi provoked Pakistan in a speech that was possibly an “inciting violence” speech. He talked about Balochistan and Pakistan administered Kashmir (Azad Kashmir) forgetting that the scenario of Balochistan cannot be compared with Srinagar, Kashmir. 

On August 21, edition of Lahore based newspaper “Roznama Naya Akhbar), it was reported that India is ready for limited “Surgical Strike” war in Pakistan and has collected the report regarding sensitive areas in Pakistan. It was reported that India can strike in Pakistan through Punjab border and Rajashthan Sector of which Pakistan has also collect complete intelligence report. It is also reported by Indian based news agency that India don’t have the ability to directly attack Pakistan and the only way is to indulge Pakistan in proxy war. Indian analyst Ajay Shukla also said (as reported on BBC) that the real problem of Modi Government is that though they gave stricking answers to Pakistan but didn’t maintain their intelligence agencies and Army capability. 

As qouted, BBC report says that when strong answers without possible preparations are given then an immature attack becomes a necessity which is very harmful. 

Last year at UNGA, Indian FM Sushma Swaraj lashed out at Pakistan and strictly maintained her Foreign Policy while Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif didn’t made an impact. 

It was good to see Nawaz Sharif highlighting the contributions of Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Wani who was killed and mutiliated by Indian Army. Nawaz Sharif also maintained that Pakistan doesn’t want any sort of war with India. He also said that Pakistan and India can have strong relations only if India initiate talks on Jammu Kashmir. He also said while addressing the 71st UNGA that 

“Confrontation should not be our destiny in South Asia. Pakistan wants peace with India.”


He also urged the UN to demilitarise Jammu Kashmir and praised the Army for its role in Operation Zarb-e-Azb. He also said that Pakistan is itself a victim of terrorism and cross border terrorism and said that “we” won’t allow any sort of terrorism in Pakistan. 

Though not very impressive but at least Nawaz Sharif tried his best to cover the main points that I think are “need of time”. 

Last year I covered the UNGA speech in which the “four” points were proposed by PM Nawaz Sharif at 70th UNGA (United Nations General Assembly). Those 4 points were:

“One, we propose that Pakistan and India formalise and respect the 2003 understanding for a complete ceasefire on the Line of Control in Kashmir. For this purpose, we call for UNMOGIP’s expansion to monitor the observance of the ceasefire.

“Two, we propose, that Pakistan and India reaffirm that they will not resort to the use or the threat of use of force under any circumstances. This is a central element of the UN Charter.

“Three, steps be taken to demilitarise Kashmir.”

“Four, agree to an unconditional mutual withdrawal from Siachen Glacier, the world’s highest battleground.”

Alas! Indian FM Sushma Swaraj rejected our only “four” points. I expect that this year India would break it’s ego and would pay serious attention. Pakistan is not in a state of war with India but that doesn’t mean that it is our weakness. Pakistan has always maintained a policy of nuclear strike if anything occurs and I think that India do have sensible politician who will guide their immature leaders to create a way for Kashmir. 

This is the road to “KashmirMania” and Newton’s 3rd law is inevitable in this scenario so India must come to any forum they wish and talk about Kashmir. 

India is a secular state and must maintain at least their Human Rights rant and give right of referendum to Kashmir. 

I think that Kashmir should be declared a free and separate country and should be let live. Though it won’t hurt the relations between the two brother countries. Kashmir will stand with Pakistan and Pakistan will stand with Kashmir but in this financial and economic conditions, it would be best for Kashmir to be free. 

This editorial was originally written on September 22, 2016.

I was returning to Karachi from Lahore via train” – Muhammad Khalid

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